Thursday, October 11, 2012

the whys have it


In reflecting on the moments I am experiencing of late, I feel more in-tune with purpose than I ever have before. It is a great feeling! I feel needed. I feel valued. I feel valuable. I feel accomplished.

Given my tendency towards pessimism and over-analyzing, I can't help but question it of course. Its suspicious.

I have taken on more responsibilities, and I find it re-energizing. I have never been one for monotony in life. I'm in my element when juggling multiple projects and more importantly, getting them done.

It helps that I am less stressed in other areas of my life, and I'm finding greater professional satisfaction in my career choice.  My volunteer activity has also made a significant contribution towards this feeling of satisfaction. There are meaningful things getting done here people, and there are ripple effects going everywhichway!

I hope this careful balance can be maintained.

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